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Let’s try on a suit of samurai armor!

Try on a suit of samurai armor !


Come and take a picture !

How to take a Wakayama Bus?

Best time to see Flower at Wakayama Castle.



Best time to see FLOWER at Wakayama Castle




End of March to

                          begining of April



Cherry blossoms
















Japanese rose








 Japanese wisteria












End of November to

                                     begining of December







Autumn leaves




Airport Bus


click! >>「Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise」HP



Useful Japanese phrases ②

Gratitude and apology

Thank you・・・・・Arigato gozaimasu.(ありがとうございます)

You are welocme.・・・・・Do itashimashite.(どういたしまして)

Excuse me.・・・・・Sumimasen.(すみません)

I’m sorry.・・・・・Gomennasai.(ごめんなさい)




Questions and requests

Can I ask you a question?・・・・・Otazune shitai no desuga.

I don’t understand Japanese.・・・・・Watashi wa Nihongo ga wakarimasen.                                                                                                           (私は日本語が分かりません)

Do you speak English?・・・・・Anata wa Eigo ga hanasemasuka?

Does anyone here speak English?・・・・・Eigo o hanasu hito wa imasuka?

Where is/are ~?・・・・・~wa doko desuka?

Do you have~?・・・・・~wa arimasuka?

What is this/it/that?・・・・・Kore/sore/are wa nan desuka?

How much does this cost?・・・・・Kore wa ikura desuka?

Please say it slowly.・・・・・Yukkuri itte kudasai.

Please say it again.・・・・・Moichido itte kudasai.

Please write it down here.・・・・・Sore o kokoni kaite kudasai.

Show me ~,please.・・・・・~o misete kudasai.

Give me~,please.・・・・・~o kudasai.

~,please.・・・・・~o onegai shimasu.

Wait a moment,please.・・・・Chotto matte kudasai.

Useful Japanese phrases ①



Good morning.・・・・・Ohayo gozaimasu. (おはようございます)

Good afternoon.・・・・・Konnichiwa.(こんにちは)

Good evening.・・・・・Konbanwa.(こんばんは)

Nice to meet you.・・・・・Hajimemashite.(はじめまして)

My name is ~.・・・・・Watashi wa ~to moushimasu.(私は~ともうします)

I’m from ~.・・・・・Watashiwa ~ kara kimashita.(私は~から来ました)

How are you.・・・・・Ogenki desuka?(お元気ですか?)

Good bye.・・・・・Sayonara(さようなら)

Good night.・・・・・Oyasuminasai(おやすみなさい)




Present the KANSAI THRU PASS to receive benefits at the facilities on the list.・・・http://www.surutto.com/images/ticket/kansai_thru_pass/english/en_facilities.pdf


■Available at Railway Bus Line at Wakayama.■ 

Nankai Railway




Wakayama Bus


About “MAP CODE”


Using MAPCODE makes it easy to


go for a drive in Wakayama City !


The navigation system will lead you

to your destination easily .


◇TOYOTA Rent a Car


They have a navigation of introduction in four languages.

(Japanese,English,Korean and Beijing dialect)


English information:0800-7000-815(Tall free)

Business hours 8:00am to 8:00pm


TOYOTA Rent a Car Wakayama website (only Japanese)



TOYOTA Rent a Car website (English)


How to take a bath in a Hot spring?

😆 Below is a description of the most common way

of taking a bath in a Hot spring.

The actual rules may be different depending on the place,

but if you follow the instruction below, you should be okay most of the time.






1)Take off your clothes in the changing room.

2)Put clothes in the shelf or basket.

3)Enter the bathroom with a small towel and your amenities.

4)There will be a bucket beside the tub, scoop out some water and

pour it over yourself to rinse your body or wash your body and hair

in front of the faucet before getting in the bathtub.

5)Rinse off soap and shampoo well.

Tidy up your space after you finished cleaning your body.

6)Soak in the bathtub.

Remember not to bring anything into the tub, not even a towl.

7)Get out of the tub.

8)Dry your body with your small towel before you go to the changing room.

9)Dry your body with your bath towel and dress in the changing room.




 Tips:Do not use soap in the tub.

      :The water in the tub tends to be hot in Japan.
         If it feels too hot, try to enter very slowly and move as little as possible.

     :Usually, the tub water is used by others.
        Please remember not to drain the water when you are finished.

     :After you finished soaking, do not rinse your body with tap water,
       for the minerals to have full effect on your body.
       (It’s depend on quality of the water.)