9月 20th, 2016


【Date】 2016. October 1st (Sat), 2nd (Sun)

【Time】  18:00-21:00

【Venue】 Around Wakayama Castle


“TAKETOYA” (Candle Illumination), using about 8,000 bamboo lanterns, is a fantastic event in autumn. Its highlight is that volunteers design original bamboo lanterns.

Also, some events will be held at the same time around Wakayama Castle, such as a classical music concert and a light up flower art exhibition, etc.

Enjoy an autumn night with bamboo candles!



Oct 15-16. Kinomoto Shishimai (Lion Dance)

9月 18th, 2016


Lion Dance


With a history of over 500 years, it has been designated as an intangible folk cultural asset.

Lion dance with music (Japanese flute and drum)

high up in the air on a 5 meter bamboo stage.


Oct 15  8:00pm start

Oct 16   10:00am & 4:00pm


Kimoto Hachimangu(shrine)


Take a bus from Nankai Wakayama-shi station,then get off at

“Kinomoto” walk about 10 min from the bus stop.


Take a train (Nankai Kada line) about 20 min walk

from “Hachimanmae”station. 


The 48th Annual “Bundara Bushi” Kishu-odori

7月 29th, 2016

The 48th Annual Bundara Bushi Kishu-odori

Wakayama City’s most popular dancing Matsuri,

is held around Wakayama Castle on Saturday,

August 6th, from 5pm to 9pm.

There will also be a street fair from 4:30pm to 9:30pm

at Nishinomaru Square in Wakayama Castle.

More than 10 million people come and see this festival every year.

Also, Odorunya, Yosakoi-matsuri is held at the same time.

Be a part of the fun and dance with us!




7月 28th, 2016


started on July 16th, 2016

Why not try and transform into a ninja and take a picture

with Wakayama Castle in the background!!


Free of chargehappy01.gif

The costumes can be found at Wakayama City Tourist Information in Wakayama Castle.

5 ninja costumes are available at a time (depending on sizes.)

Business hours   9:00 – 16:00

Closed          Dec 29, 30, 31st

Contact        +81- 73-435-1185 Wakayama City Tourist Information

2016.7.18 FM802 HOLIDAY SPECIAL Wakayama Marina City presents SEASIDE PLEASURE

7月 11th, 2016

shine.gifFM802 HOLIDAY SPECIALshine.gif

Wakayama Marina City presents



This annual summer event is coming soon.

Enjoy the start of the summer season.

This event has great music,

matched with the shining sea and sun.




Date   :  July 18 th

Time   :  10:00am – 7:00pm

Venue  :  In front of Kuroshio Market in Wakayama Marina City (near the bus roundabout)

For more information, please visit Marina City’s website (Japanese only):


※The event may be canceled depending on weather and mechanical problems etc.

   Entry may be limited if there are many visitors that day.

Starlight Illusion 2016

7月 5th, 2016

Starlight Illusion 2016


Wakayama Marina City Specialty is coming up!!!!!!

Dynamic fireworks light up the night with exciting music.

Feel the beat of the music and make some summer memories.



Date  July 17th, August 7th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 21st and 28th

Time  20:00 – 20:10

Venue  Wakayama Marina City

Access  Nearby Marina City Bus Stop

Informaition  Wakayama Marina City

Sea bathing will be in full swing starting from July.

6月 28th, 2016


pisces.gifSwimming in the seapisces.gif


①Kataonami Beach

Selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the “best water areas” in the sea category


片男波海水浴場001Car par / 850 places (¥1,000 per day)

Seaside houses /8

■Length of beach: 1,200m / sea is 130m from sand dunes with 1 – 5m in depth

■Well maintained and comparatively new beach

■Barbecues × (prohibited in July / August. Notify the Management and Operations Committee in other months.)


■Transport / Bus from Nankai Wakayama-shi Station / JR Wakayama Station, 10 minutes by foot from Wakanoura / Furobashi bus stop.

■Enquiries / Kataonami Beach Management and Operations Committee

■TEL +81-73-447-9080


②Isonoura Beach (Surfing place)


磯の浦海水浴場001Car par / 1,500 places(from ¥800 per day)

(kiosks) 1 kiosk area (no. of stores unknown)

■Length of beach: 1,200m / sea is 100m from sand dunes with 1.5m in depth

■Well maintained and comparatively new beach

■Barbecues ○(Notify Beach Resident’s Association Secretariat. Advance notification should be made to the Tourist Association)

■Surfing ○ (Prohibited in July / August in the swimming area)

■Transport / Right beside Nankai Kada Line Isonoura Station

■Enquiries / Isonoura Tourist Association

■TEL +81-73-452-2737


③Kada Beach

加太海水浴場001Car par / 1,000 places(from ¥500 per day)

Seaside houses /1

■Length of beach: 250m / sea is 10m from sand dunes with 3m in depth

■Barbecues ○(Notify the Management Secretariat)


■Transport / 15 minutes by foot from Nankai Kada Station

■Enquiries / Kada Tourist Association

■TEL +81-73-459-0003


④Namihaya Beach

Selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the “best water areas”


浪早ビーチ001Car par / 92 places(from ¥610 per day)

(kiosks) 1 kiosk area

■Length of beach: 200m / 4m in the deepest places

■Barbecues ○(Notify the Local Fishery Cooperative’s Women’s Group. TEL: 080-6146-3254)


■Geared towards families with small children

■Transport / Bus from Nankai Wakayama-shi Station / JR Wakayama Station, 15 minutes by foot fromTanouraguchi bus stop.

■Enquiries / Wakayama City Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department Fisheries Promotion Office

(weekly holiday: Tuesday, beach is open every day)

■TEL +81-73-447-0327


⑤Hama no Miya Beach


浜の宮ビーチ001Car par / 350 places(from ¥1,000 per day)

Seaside houses /1

■Length of beach: 300m / sea is 100m from sand dunes with 1.5m in depth

■Barbecues ×

■Surfing○ (outside of swimming areas)

■Wind surfing○ (outside of swimming areas)

■A stylish beach near to Marina City

■Transport / Bus from Nankai Wakayama-shi Station / JR Wakayama Station, get off at Hama no Miya Kaisuiyokujo-mae bus stop.

■Enquiries / Shimotsu Port Office TEL +81-73-431-7266

■*In July / August, contact Hama no Miya Beach Management Office(TEL +81-73-445-5233)

Wakayama City’s new train ”MEDETAI TRAIN”

6月 9th, 2016

Wakayama City’s new train ”MEDETAI TRAIN”

Nankai Electric Railway Kada sakana Line



Newly released “medetai train” with sea bream design since the 29th of April.


The timetable is here:

The best season to view of hydrangeas in full bloom

6月 1st, 2016

The best season to view


of hydrangeas in full bloom



In Kada Shinrin Park

森林公園 あじさい


Locals have grown many types of hydrangeas with the aim of becoming

the best hydrangea garden in Japan.



Location: Kada Shinrin Park

Access: 4km by walk from Kada Station of Nankai Kada Line

35min by car from Wakayama IC

Parking: free of charge



In Yosuien Garden



You are allowed to walk through Ajisai Road

during the month of June to see beautiful hydrangeas.


s s

Location: Yosuien Garden

Access: 7 min by walk from Yosuien-mae Stop

25 min by car from Wakayama IC

Admission: JPY 600 for adult JPY 300 for child

Parking: free of charge

May15. The Wakamatsuri Festival

5月 6th, 2016

about The Wakamatsuri Festival



The Wakamatsuri festival is held each year in May, on a holiday near to the anniversary of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu’s death (May 和歌祭201617th in the new calendar).

It is considered a “Great Festival Procession” of the Kishu-Toshogu Shrine, a shrine built in 1621 by Tokugawa Yorinobu, the 10th child of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Many believe that the festival was named after Waka Mountain, where the Kishu-Toshogu Shrine is located.

The festival began to be celebrated in 1622, shortly after the start of the Edo Period and the Tokugawa shogunate.

Because it began so soon after the Warring States Period, much of the objects and costumes we see in the parade reflect the styles of this era, an aspect which makes it a very unique and special parade even in Japan.

It was formerly considered one of the “Three Great Festivals” of Japan and the most important in the Kishu region (modern-day Wakayama and Mie Prefectures).

The main feature of the festival is its parade, a procession three-quarters of a kilometer in length which features close to 1000 people in period costume performing, demonstrating a traditional art, or simply having fun.

Traditionally an opportunity for skilled artisans or performers to display their wares and abilities and be noticed by viewers of elite social classes, this spectacle takes place in the beautiful and historical seaside district of Wakaura, in the southern part of the city.

Note: Due to the rare and valuable nature of the artifacts and costumes, the festival parade is not held outside on rainy days. On those days, a shortened version of parade is held indoors.

Wakamatsuri Parade Roles: Order and Explanation

The parade usually has around 65 different ‘stages’,
each featuring anywhere from 1 to 50 performers,
with the exception of the mikoshi shrine-bearers which number around 120.

On the day of the festival, this mikoshi (“portable shrine”) is said to contain the spirit of Tokugawa Ieyasu himself, and is raised, lowered, twisted, and turned so that he can observe the town from different angles and assess for himself how nicely it’s coming along.