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Wakayama Marina City
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Wakayama Marina City

A theme park with an air of a Mediterranean port town where couples and families can have fun.

A theme park with an air of a Mediterranean port town. The buildings which are divided into 3, are designed with motifs of an historic Spanish castle, an Italian fishing village and a traditional French town. There are also attractions, an amusement park and restaurants as well as many events. Wakayama Marina City

Wakayama Marina City Fire works
Right beside Marina City bus stop TEL : +81-73-448-0011
*Official web site http://www.marinacity.com/

Kuroshio Market

The very popular fresh tuna cutting show.

The very popular fresh tuna cutting show.

Kuroshio Market is located on the west side of Porto Europa within Wakayama Marina City. It is a market where anything can be found such as tuna, seafood, sushi and seafood barbecues. 
You can enjoy seafood barbecues and events and live shows on the huge floor. It is divided into 3 zones: the market zone, the sales zone and the dining zone and there is no charge for entry. There is a rich variety from world seafood imported through Kansai International Airport to local, Wakayama Prefecture catches and it is possible to purchase fresh fish and shellfish as well as salted and dried products or specialities from within the prefecture. You can enjoy the seafood, vegetables and meat, etc. you buy on the barbecue in the market or you can watch a nearly 100kg tuna be cut up before your very eyes.
[Inquiry] TEL : +81-73-448-0008

Wakayama pavilion

Wakayama pavilion Pass through the entrance to the open lobby. Rediscover the attraction of Wakayama in this interactive pavilion! This is the base for the transmission of Wakayama's cultural and artistic information
, and approximately 500 kinds of products produced in Wakayama are on show. Famous products from all over Wakayama are assembled in one place.
TEL: +81-73-448-0070


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